sleeping beauties

I never ever thought I would have children who just curl up anywhere and sleep… But I do now! They don’t even get crabby or cry first. Weird. I wish I could give tips or advice on how to make your kids nap anywhere but I have no clue how this changed!?! But I know I love it.









Back in January when we finished our taxes and saw we were getting a good chunk back, Chris and I looked at each other and said “let’s go to Disneyland!” And the planning began!! We decided to take the kids out of school and spend Case’s birthday week there. I could barely stand it I was SO excited the past few weeks! We woke the kids up super early last Saturday, telling them we were going to a hotel in Seattle for the weekend for work. They were super excited just for that…!
Once we landed in LA, we found a quiet corner and apologized for lying. We weren’t going to Seattle, we were going to Disneyland!! They were in shock. The next hour brought squeals, bouncing with excitement and a short bus ride to DL.
We walked into our hotel and surprise #2 was waiting… Jess, Todd, Hailey, Owen, Alicia, papa and nana!! Hugs, jumping, and lots more excitement. As if we didn’t have enough!?




The next day we headed to the park bright and early. I don’t know how to describe Disneyland with your kids. It’s just magical! Once you enter that park nothing else matters. Just joy, fun, being together, happiness… No problems, no worries, everything from home or any other problems are just gone. It was a lovely few days. We did a 5 day pass with a pool day in the middle. I have lots of tips and tricks I’ll share in a post soon.
Cases favorite was pirates of the Caribbean, soaring over California, buzz light year, and Cars. Maggie’s fav’s were meeting princesses (which I have a great tip for!), Soarin’ and Cars. Sawyer loved little mermaid and the princesses. Chris loved Grizzly river run, California screamin and the Aladdin show. I loved the California adventure parade, watching my children, Soarin’ and Cars (it’s really worth the wait in line, which is always long).




The kids were so great! I couldn’t believe Sawyer. The kids were going to bed late and waking up early all week and Sawyer would just cat nap when she wanted to. She was so great all week! How’d I get such a great 2 year old? Pinch me.




The weather was great. The first couple days were HOT but we weren’t out in it the whole time so it wasn’t near as bad as I thought it would be. We did almost everything in the park and we will be taking another trip in a couple years. I can’t imagine going anywhere else on vacation! But we will or we might get disney burn out… If that’s possible.













day 2

Celebrating with the bride to be. I had the best trip home. Mostly because I was just so happy for Amanda. I loved every minute of celebrating her. Day 2 was pedicures, brunch, peach mango orange mimosas (!!), surprising hailey and Owen with an after school pick up, the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. A packed fun filled day.




Case and hailey were in the wedding and I’m pretty sure it was the most adorable thing ever.






What do you get when you combine kids on another time zone and a late night bachelorette party? Well not much sleep, I can tell you that. But this view? So worth it.


The kids flew like CHAMPS people! Amazing!!! The stewardess asked if we had a reality show. I said “no. Why? Should we?! She said “yes. It should be called Excellent parenting!” Cue high fives. And I only say this because we were remembering flying with Sawyer as an infant, she was crying, I was frantically trying to nurse her while sweating profusely and hide my lady bits while my husbands boss sat in front of us. So we’ve come a long ways people. And I couldn’t be more grateful!




Ready for day 2 of celebrating the bride to be!

oh baby

These girls love playing babies together. LOVE!! First thing this morning, they had this little set up. Both rocking their babies (who were both “crying”) and had several others tucked into their blanket beds around the room. Later they turned out the lights, turned on the fan and closed the door. I was instructed to wait to put laundry away since the babies had just fallen asleep. It is the most precious thing to watch. Thank the Lord for these girls!

I should add that they use the highest little voices when they’re pretending. And i must admit it makes life easier when they’re yelling “mama, mama!” I can actually tell when it’s me and when it’s “baby land”.

the $&@! moth

We had a moth munching on our my clothes. Why?!? Ugh. On Saturday we emptied out our closet. Like ALL the way. I washed every piece of clothing we own. What couldn’t go in the wash went in the freezer.
Take that moth. If I see I new hole I might curl up in a ball and cry. Maybe 20 loads of laundry later we had this:.

I color coded my shirts people! And we added cedar. Ahh glad that’s over!

another year

I don’t know exactly how but the kids are in school again and summer is over. It went by in a blur… visiting family, camping trips, BBQ’s with friends, finishing the play house and swing set, visiting the neighborhood pool often… and just like that it’s over.


He refuses to pull out his tooth.

I’ll be honest. Labor day was filled with a few tears for this mom. I wasn’t ready. I suppose I might feel like this every year. I told Chris we need a Labor Day fun extravaganza day every year so I don’t cry all day! It’s hard to let him go. I like having him close to me. But I remind myself how good it is for him. Friends, learning, structure and all that good stuff. So I let him go, leaving part of my heart in that little classroom, praying he will shine for Jesus and learn and be happy and show kindness and be respectful.


1st grade, baby!


Maggie started preschool again which isn’t very sad for me. Just a few days a week for the morning. I pick her up after lunch with her friends and recess. She’s a little sponge and learning quickly. She comes home happy. Happy Maggie = Happy Mama

I’m ready for Fall… Some epic vacations coming up!


Her smile was pretty fake until I told her to say a potty word.



when the storm rolls…

This week has been so stormy. One minute it’s fine and next the storm rolls in bringing lightning and pouring rain. We’ve been getting flash flood warnings on our phones too and some flooding did happen in ketchum. Crazy! I love a good storm to watch!

There’s been the “other” type of storm here too with people we love. The kind that brings deep heart ache and makes me hold my “babies” close.

So we play in the rain and make the best of the sketchy weather.






weekend recap

This weekend was one if those simple but wonderful ones. Friday night (after pizza of course) we went outside to try to get Case to ride his bike on two wheels. The poor kid didn’t have his bike for quite a while while we were moving all over Idaho/Washington and since then he hasn’t been into it. But he must have been ready because 10 minutes after we took off the ol training wheels it happened! So proud of him.

Saturday we relaxed and rode our bikes into town a couple times, once to the pool and then to grab ice cream and play at the park.
Sunday we went to church and then to a lake to meet up with Chris’ buddy who has a boat. Chris got to wakeboard which always puts a smile on his face! On the way home this happened:

Which was so great at the time but then the “waking up from a deep sleep car nap grumpies” hit and that wasn’t as fun.

20140804-090824-32904198.jpg<br /

date night

Sun Valley Summer Symphony
Thumb piano
Coordinating toes and wine bottle
Despo’s (best Mexican ever)
Late night beer in the dark

Came home to sleeping kids who woke up happy with French braids. Cute.