the way I want to remember things…

Yes – there are fits, arguments, hitting and screaming. Oh can they scream. Most of the time when I stop to pay attention – to love on them, to touch, cuddle and kiss these tiny people – it stops all of the craziness. I need to do that more.
But as time passes I only remember the good things. Rocking them as babies, their big gummy smiles, their first giggles, the snuggles and the way their heads fits perfectly into my shoulder and under my neck, their sweet chubby cheeks…
They grow up too fast. I hope I always remember these little girls like this. Eager to help, their cheesy little smiles, Their messy post nap hair, how they have to wear their aprons when we bake, my days home with them when everything takes 5 times longer than it should, the kitchen being 5 times messier than it needs to be! They are my life. My blessings. I am so thankful the Lord saw me fit to be their mother.





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