How are these kids getting so big? Halloween was awesome. Case got to dress up at school, had a little parade we went to, had friends over for homemade pizza, trick or treating, went to another friends for a beer and homemade amazing cheesecake. Lovely. Sawyer didn’t like the scary people but other than that great fun was had by all.


I read some article this year about celebrating Halloween as a Christian. It really made me thing about why we celebrate it. Some people don’t and that’s fine but to me Halloween doesn’t represent ghosts, goblins or evil. It’s about kids being kids and doing things that bring them JOY. Yes there are people who look creppy as heck out there. But that’s life to me. The good mixed with some bad and teaching my kids to love the good.

How much more joy could a little face hold??IMG_8855


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